Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Angels for Travellers

Are you planning to visit the Vesuvian sites or other stunning localities in Southern Italy in the near future? Well we have just the perfect website for you then! Thanks to an MoU between the Association Angeli per Viaggiatori, 10 associations including the Associazione Herculaneum, the University of Naples Federico II and thanks, also to a little funding from Fondazione con il Sud we have launched an initiative called 'Benvenuti al Sud' ("Welcome to the South"). The primary objective is to create a web-based social network that supports a sustainable form of tourism in southern Italy. Basically when you travel to a new city it is fun to be guided by local people or to receive suggestions from locals on special places to visit, where to eat and what events are on. It's all about discovering new places that are off the beaten track, making new friends and getting a welcoming that no organized tourism can match! Angels for Travellers is a community of people (Angels) who are willing to help other people (Travellers) planning to visit their hometown. This service is totally free of charge. All a potential visitor needs to do is register on the website and ask an Angel for help in planning his/her next trip.

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