Friday 29 March 2013

Junk food and bling-bling: the British Museum exhibition for the readers of the Sun

Probably most of you already came across some of the latests articles by Mary Beard on the "Pompeii and Herculaneum" exhibition, this one was published by the Sun just a few days ago (23rd of March):

I reckon this piece as one further example of Beard's great communicative skills and, having a little experience myself on outreach and public archaeology, I think it successfully makes the wide audience interested in the ancient world (and makes us all talk about it as well!).

I was wondering though, whether the same result could be achieved for the same kind of public with less shiny lure baits or reducing the comparisons with the present cultures. Indeed the most interesting object mentioned in the article is, in my opinion, the statue of Pan making love to a goat. Parallels with that are hard to find these days, but probably they tell more about the ancient world. Can that aspect be explained in an engaging way to a broad public without underselling it? If you have any examples or experience to share, I would be grateful.

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