Friday 14 February 2014

Call for Posters: “Framing interactions. Approaches to coexistence in the houses of Roman Pompeii”

Call for Posters: “Framing interactions. Approaches to coexistence in the houses of Roman Pompeii”  

A poster session at the 11th Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC) and the 24th Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC), University of Reading, UK, 
27-30 March 2014 

Given the particular relevance of the Vesuvian area in this year’s RAC/TRAC programme (, the Munich Graduate School for Ancient Studies ‘Distant Worlds’ intends to contribute to the conference with a thematic poster session on Roman housing in Pompeii.

In addition to the RAC / TRAC bursaries' scheme, ‘Distant Worlds’ is therefore offering 5 further bursaries to cover the conference charges* of PhD students or early-career scholars who wish to present their current research as part of the poster session. The aim is to give young scholars the opportunity to present their work to a larger public of specialists and to fuel debate on key issues in Roman housing and the site of Pompeii.

*up to 100 GBP = ca. 120€, see

Posters should address the multi-faceted issues of the coexistence of otium and negotium, of public and private, and of inhabitants and visitors which marks the use and perception of Roman domestic space. Contributions addressing architecture and decoration, archaeological finds, and epigraphic or textual evidence are equally welcome. Topics may include – but are not limited to – communication within the house, the relationship between inside and outside, the incorporation of shops and workshops, informal and formal meeting places, and the construction of family as related to space.

To submit a poster for consideration, please send an abstract of no more than 250 words, outlining the topic and content of the poster, to the organisers by 21st February 2014. Selected posters will be published on the website of ‘Distant Worlds’. and

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