Monday 24 November 2014

For sale: antique prints

If anyone is interested in buying antique prints of archaeological remains, I encourage you to take a look at the following website: I have bought prints from Rainer Rauhut in the past and have just received this email:
At age 75, after 40 years of a wonderful career, and with no family members following our foot steps in our antiquarian business, we are now in the process of liquidating our still immense stock of antique prints. When you stroll through our website and discover any print of interest to you, please feel free to disregard our marked price and make us an offer. Don't hesitate to be brave and courageous. We shall certainly consider any offer made. Also please keep in mind, that our stock exceeds by far our internet presentation.If you are looking for prints you do not find on our website, please contact us.
They have a great collection of Pompeian prints, as well as other sites in the Bay of Naples, but the website is not limited to this and you will find all sorts of things on it. Service is quick and friendly too!

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