Sunday 29 March 2015

More from the Jashemski Archive compared with pompeiiinpictures

Here are more photos from the Jashemski Archive and pompeiiinpictures, this time comparing 1968 and 2005. These are from the Complesso dei Riti magici or the Magic Rites Complex II.1.12.

II.1.12 Pompeii. 2005. Entrance doorway.
Photo by Jackie and Bob Dunn

II.1.12 Pompeii, 1968. Entrance doorway.
Photo by Stanley A. Jashemski. J68f0270 
Source: The Wilhelmina and Stanley A. Jashemski archive in the University of Maryland Library, Special Collections (See collection page) and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial License v.4. See Licence and use details.

Pompeii. May 2005. Two pilaster paintings (at top on beam) from entrance façade of II.1.12.
These were displayed in III.3.6.
Photo by Jackie and Bob Dunn

The two pilaster paintings shown in May 2005 were in the Schola Armaturarum at the time of its collapse in November 2010, and they may or may not have been destroyed.
Does anyone know what happened to them?

This comparison also highlights the fact that many of our pictures are now 10 years old.
The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that we are coming back to live in the UK.
This will allow us to make more frequent trips to Pompeii than has been possible from Australia.
We intend to retake all the photos, highlighting the improvements made over the years.

See more of Complesso dei Riti magici on

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