Tuesday 20 October 2015

New articles in JRA

Out now in the Journal of Roman Archaeology:


D. Camardo and M. Notomista, The roof and suspended ceiling of the marble room in the House of the Telephus Relief at Herculaneum.

M.A. Anderson, Public buildings and private opportunities: some dynamics in Pompeii's urban development.

M.L. Thomas, Oplontis B: a centre for the distribution and export of Vesuvian wine.

Fascicule 2, Reviews:

E. Dwyer, The provenance of artifacts discovered on the Vesuvian sites between 1738 and c.1860.

E.K. Gazda and L.J. McAlpine, The 'Villa of Publius Fannius Synistor' at Boscoreale: putting it all together.

P. Keegan, The 'graffiti experience' at Pompeii.

C.C. Mattusch, Architecture and luxury on the Bay of Naples.

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