Tuesday 13 February 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign for the Ancient Graffiti Project

The Friends of Herculaneum Society is sponsoring a crowdfunding campaign in support of the wonderful Ancient Graffiti Project (www.ancientgraffiti.org). We're aiming to raise £13000 by 19 March to enable undergraduates from both sides of the ocean to go the Herculaneum this summer and participate in the collecting and publishing of the graffiti. One of the great things about this project is that the students are equal participants with academic staff in doing the research. They learn great skills and get super experience for the future. The Friends are matching the first £5000 of donations pound for pound so your donation is doubled. Please go to https://hubbub.org/p/ancientgraffiti and find out more. Consider making a donation - crowdfunding depends on lots of people pitching in - and also do please spread the word on your own network. American donors can contribute to the American Friends of Herculaneum website (www.herculaneumfriends.org) rather than donating through Hubbub, and get the tax deduction in the US. Grazie mille!
Bob Fowler for the Friends of Herculaneum

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