Tuesday 20 March 2018

New Article: The Greek Graffiti of Herculaneum

Rebecca R. Benefiel andHolly M. Sypniewsk, The Greek Graffiti of Herculaneum. American Journal of Archaeology Vol. 122, No. 2 (April 2018), pp. 209–244

This article offers an overview of ancient Greek handwritten wall inscriptions, or graffiti, in the city of Herculaneum and the first contextual analysis of these inscriptions. First, we address how much Greek is found, where it appears, and what was being written in Greek. We then offer a discussion of Greek alphabets and personal names inscribed in Greek, which together account for half of the graffiti in Greek at Herculaneum. Finally, we examine Greek graffiti in context and discuss two locations in Herculaneum where the graffiti have survived and are still visible in situ. By presenting where Greek graffiti appear, what they contain, and how they communicate and interact with other texts, we aim to provide a more comprehensive picture of the distribution and context of Greek in Herculaneum and to offer new insights into the culture of writing in Campania.

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