Thursday 6 August 2009

New photographs on pompeiiinpictures in July

During July we have added the following new houses to

V.3.4 Casa della Soffitta
V.3.6 Casa di Narcisso
V.3.7 Casa della Regina d’Olanda
V.3.9 House of Cosmus and Epidia
V.3.10, V.3.11
V.3.12 Casa della Duchessa di Aosta
V.4.3 Casa di un Flamine
V.4.9, V.4.10, V.4.12
V.4.13 Domus of M Fabius Secundus and Optata or Casa delle origine di Roma
VII.6.28 Casa del Peristilio or House of Secundus Tyrannus Fortunatus
VIII.5.2/5 Casa del Gallo I and Casa di Ero e Leandro
VIII.5.9 House of a pottery wholesaler
VIII.5.15 Garden entrance to Garden Restaurant
VIII.5.16 Garden entrance to Garden Restaurant
VIII.5.28 Casa della Calce or Casa di Popidius Celsinus
VIII.5.37 Casa delle Pareti rosse or House of the Red Walls
VIII.5.39 House of Acceptus and the Euhodia
VIII.7.29 Samnite Palaestra or Palestra Sannitica
IX.9.2, IX.9.10, IX.9.11, IX.9.a, IX.9.d
IX.9.12 Hospitium with stables
IX.9.13 House
IX.9.e House
IX.9.g Domus P. Aemili Celeris

Alterations or new additions, including several frescoes, have been made to: -

VII.2.16 House of Gavius Rufus or Casa di Teseo or House of the Seven Skeletons
VII.6.3 Casa della Diana III, or House of M. Spurius Saturninus and D. Volcius Modestus
VII.6.38 House of Cipius Pamphilus Felix
IX.8.3, IX.8.7, IX.9.b
IX.9.c Casa del Porcellino or Casa di Sulpicius Rufus

We hope you and your colleagues and students will find these useful.

We will be adding more in August.

Jackie and Bob Dunn

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