Wednesday 23 September 2009

Help wanted: articles on WHS Pompeii

I keep on getting requests from various students and scholars who are desperate for any publications on the subject of Pompeii (and Herculaneum and Oplontis) as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the related site and visitor management issues.

There seems to be very little published on the subject, but if you know of an article would you mind posting it?

Many thanks!


Rick Jones said...

This is a problem of dealing with many management issues of WH sites. There is Pier Giovanni Guzzo's book on the autonomy process - Pompei 1998-2003. L'esperimento dell'autonomia (Mondadori Electa 2003). Also my former student at Bradford University Gary Devore (now at Stanford) wrote his PhD thesis on the problems of managing large WH sites, particularly Pompeii and Hadrian's Wall. It's not published but obviously there is a copy in the University of Bradford Library.

Sarah said...

Thank you very much for this tip.

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