Wednesday 2 September 2009

The Gardens of the Roman Empire

Posted on behalf of Kathy Gleason:

Upon Wilhelmina Jashemski's death in 2007, the fate of the Gardens of the Roman Empire volume seemed to many to be left hanging. In fact, she made arrangments for the manuscript to be edited by those who had worked with her for many years and for its publication by Cambridge University Press. Kathryn Gleason (Cornell University) is the Executive Editor, working with Amina Aicha Malek (CNRS) and Kim Hartswick (CUNY) to complete the editing. Victoria I continues to advise on the format of the book. The absence of a comprehensive contact list, which we are rebuilding, has limited our ability to be in touch with everyone. This is just one forum we are opening up to be in touch with those who have contributed to the project over the years, and to those who may know of Roman garden excavations that we should add to the catalog before we complete our work.
The Gardens of the Roman Empire comprises two volumes, a traditionally printed book of essays (also available digitally from Cambridge), and a catalog of all the known gardens of the empire. The latter became too large for a print volume, or even a CD, and is currently being formatted for an eBook publication. There are nearly 2,000 entries. The manuscript is complete, but exists in many formats that are now being unified for publication. This is taking some time, but we are making steady progress!If you have a copy of any chapter or catalogue section of the manuscript or would like to know what state the version submitted to press is in, please email Kathryn Gleason. Due to the longstanding nature of the project, various drafts have been circulated. These are under contract with Cambridge University Press and must be cited accordingly. All drafts in circulation are in an early edited form and are known to contain errors or lack updates provided in the final versions, so do not hesitate to contact us for details. Kathryn Gleason We also have a Facebook group, called Gardens of the Roman Empire, for anyone who would like to follow the progress of the book.

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