Thursday 15 October 2009

Vintage at Pompeii

Under the headline "Torna la vite, torna la vita" the 2009 vintage started in Pompeii on Tuesday.
A huge event for media, also TV stations from Japan and America came to the official start of the vintage in the "House of the Ship Europa". The picture above is from the "Foro Boario", which - as we know thanks to Wilhelmina Jashemski - was already in ancient times used as a vineyard.

The vineyards (grape-vine: Piedirosso) within the excavations are cultivated by "Mastroberardino". About 1600 bottles of "Villa dei Misteri" wine are produced each year.
At the event at Pompeii the exhibition "Vinum Nostrum" was announced. "Vinum Nostrum" will open in Florence in June 2010; one section will deal exclusively with the vineyards of Pompeii.

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