Friday 2 October 2009

Virtual Tour of the House of Marcus Lucretius, IX.3.5/24

Posted on behalf of Laura Nissinen:

"Interesting post on the Digital Pompeii! New technologies seem promising in presenting archeological material and hopefully the digital techniques can be used in the future also in more scientific context.
I would like to remind you of a virtual tour in the House of Marcus Lucretius (IX,3,5/24), which is available at
The 3D model has been realized by the Finnish team (Expeditio Pompeiana Universitatis Helsingiensis in co-operation with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences."


Francesca Tronchin said...

Great! I just yesterday got my hands on Paavo Castren's exhibition catalogue on this house. The book is very nice.

Jo Berry said...

Can you give the ref?

Francesca Tronchin said...

Castren, Paavo, ed. 2008. Domus Pompeiana: Una casa a Pompei. Helsinki: Casa editrice Otava.


Laura Nissin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura Nissin said...

The book exists also in English (as well as in Finnish and Swedish): Domus Pompeiana - A House in Pompeii.
The Italian version is probably more widespread though and thus more easy to find.

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