Wednesday 16 December 2009

Blogging Pompeii's First Birthday!

The first post appeared on Blogging Pompeii a year ago today!

To celebrate ...

A Wordle image generated from Blogging Pompeii's first year of posts:

And a collection of random Twitter comments about Pompeii from the last few months (after filtering out the rock band 'Pompeii', the US town 'Herculaneum', the race-horse 'Pompeii Spirit', the nightclub 'Pompeii Lounge' and the almost daily tweets about Pink Floyd's concert in the amphitheatre of Pompeii!). I have categorised them into:

The misinformed:

‘So according to the German translation of Lisa's sentence in The Simpsons the people of Pompei froze to death when the vulcano erupted.’
‘Overheard at Pompeii: "So, basically, you're standing in ancient poop."’

The shocked:

‘Watching a show about ancient Pompeii. There's a guy on it who is an "expert on economics of prostitution in ancient Rome." The hell?’
‘Okay, Google Streetview misses out much of my city and instead adds some place in Italy. I mean I've never even heard of Pompeii.’

The frankly weird:

‘I snuck into Pompeii once, in the area that was still being excavated. Saw an arm sticking out of a wall; made me sad for days.’
‘Today is the anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius when God punished Pompeii for all those naked statues.’
‘And as I finish my lunch, I can think only of the walls of Pompeii.’

Pompeii as a metaphor:

‘Once again, Los Angeles feels like living in Pompei.’
‘Inbox buried. Think Pompeii.’
‘just about burned my house down by pressing 0 too many times on my microwave. Now it smells like Pompeii’
‘the instructions say 'simmer,' not 'recreate the last hours of Pompeii.'’
‘The onion volcano NEVER gets old. You just hafta worry about them putting too much stuff in there and it going Pompeii on you’
‘Dinner is served. Anger bubbles below the surface, threatening to cover everyone nearby, to trap them like residents of Pompeii.’
‘God forbid if this town ever had snow fall on it; a panic would sweep the land and it would burn to the ground faster than Pompeii.’

The totally random:

‘Apparently the people of ancient Pompeii "tweeted" through wall graffiti. Leaving us ancient messages about sex and bodily functions.’
‘I was in Pompeii. My mom and I snuck out of the public area and found the bodies.’
‘Y63: Nero kills his one kid(maybe...probly). There's an earthquake in Pompeii. They rebuild afterwards. About as smart as Californians. Heh.’

And my personal favourite, the disaffected student:

‘Preparing herself mentally for when she has to listen to some old dude talk about Pompeii for 3hrs Tomorrow.’
‘I hate Pompeii. Your not interesting. I wish you were never found’
‘I have a sudden urge to watch Ponyo instead of studying Pompeii.’

I hope you are all chuckling as much as I am!

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed over the year, and to all you who read the blog. Keep up the good work!


Laura Nissin said...

Congratulations Blogging Pompeii! I'm laughing my head off here...

Monica Saldias said...

Felicidades! Congratulations Blogging Pompeii!

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