Thursday 3 December 2009

Looted artifacts being returned to Italy from NYC

Here is an Associated Press release about the return of a Pompeian wall-painting. See an earlier post for details about the painting, its original discovery, theft and recovery:

NEW YORK — Two stolen ancient artifacts are being returned to Italy from New York City.

An Italian government representative is taking possession of them at a ceremony Wednesday. The artifacts are a Pompeii plaster wall painting and a Corinthian vase for mixing water and wine.

They were recovered by immigration and customs officials in June. Both items had been scheduled for auction in New York before they were discovered to have been stolen.

Immigration officials said the vase may have been illegally introduced into the art market by Giacomo Medici in 1985. The art dealer was convicted in Rome in 2004 of conspiracy to traffic in antiquities.

The wall painting was reported stolen in Italy in 1997.

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