Monday 22 February 2010

Insula VI.1 - pottery training opportunity

We will be working on the finds from Insula VI.1 for four weeks (starting July 5th) this summer with the main focus being on the pottery. We will have a full team of six specialists and experienced pot sorters in the field and are prepared to offer a trainee post. This would be a good opportunity for a student to develop pottery skills including fabric identification, quantification etc, and of course to familiarise themselves with the range of pottery recovered at Pompeii. I’m afraid we cannot offer to pay their expenses, but I may be able to find a bit of money to pay campsite fees and some beer money.

If anyone is interested, please contact me ( with a brief cv and the contact details of someone who will give you a reference.

If any other teams are in the field at that time and would like to discuss their pottery with the team, do call in. We normally stop for a tea break about 3.30. Sometimes there are biscuits!

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