Tuesday 16 February 2010

POMPEIVIVA - House of the Chaste Lovers

These pictures have been sent to us at pompeiiinpictures. They were taken recently by Rick Bauer of Naples.

This photograph shows the Via dell' Abbondanza with its new frontage for the viewing of the excavations in the House of the Chaste Lovers. This appears to have been branded POMPEIVIVA.

The entrance (above) to the facility with its special POMPEIVIVA logo built into the gates. This is situated across the unnamed vicolo between IX.11 and IX.12.

We look forward to entering.

A display board for the new facility. We believe there was a preview on St Valentines day for special guests and, according to Rick, the signs posted at the entrance say the new POMPEIVIVA display will be open to the General public beginning in March 2010.

Rick also shows (above) that work on the new Antiquarium started in July 2009 but there is no completion date given for the work. A new Antiquarium showing many of the items found in Pompei will be a real asset to visitors.

Keep up the good work.

Hope you find this interesting.

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures

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