Friday 26 March 2010

Have you got photos of Herculaneum?

The Herculaneum Conservation Project has been active at Herculaneum since 2001, with the aim of supporting the heritage authority to conserve and enhance the archaeological site of Herculaneum, with a team of archaeologists, architects, conservators and other specialists.

As in any project, we have found archive photos to be an enormous resource for understanding more about the archaeology. But not only: we have increasingly found that people's old holiday photos of Herculaneum offer us a whole range of views of the site and its condition over time. We have been lucky enough to gather photos from different sources that have shown us the conditions of parts of site when they were freshly excavated, but also conditions when the site was in its worst state of decay. All this information can help inform us when making conservation decisions.

If there are any blog readers who have photos of Herculaneum (ancient and modern!) - particularly if they date to pre-2000 - and would be happy to send us copies, we would be very grateful. We will ensure that they are stored in our database along with the photographer's name (and the year if you can give it to us).

Please send your old Herculaneum photos to hcp[at]

Thank you all!

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