Tuesday 27 April 2010

CIL IV, Supp 3 - Best use tips?

Dear Pompeianists,

I'm sure that this is something that you will have come across in your time as fellow researchers: how best to use CIL. For instance, I'm using a copy of CIL 4, Supplement 3 to include incriptions and references relevant to my research, but my university's copies are ages old as it dates from the turn of the nineteeth to twentieth century.

Of course, there will have been more entries made since this version was published and these I can get by interlibrary loan. But does anyone know of any online sources for searching specific entries (ie., by region, subject etc)? Or have any general tips? I may have missed a simple bit in the understanding of how CIL works, so I'd be grateful for even the most basic of information!

Thanks! Sera

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Virginia Campbell said...

The CIL database is helpful for images and bibliography if you have the number to begin with, but it does not include the graffiti and dipinti. If you have some part of the actual text of the inscription you can search this database: http://www.manfredclauss.de/
It covers the CIL, ILS, AE and a few other publications. I am not sure how up to date it is with some of the more recently found inscriptions, but it should cover things from Supplement 3 of volume IV.

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