Sunday 11 April 2010

New on pompeiiinpictures in April

Street Views.

A new street view plan has been added to pompeiiinpictures. It can be accessed from the new Streets button on left hand side of every page.
Every street in Pompeii is on the plan. Clicking on any street will take you to the photographs of that street. This includes the unnamed vicoli as well.
The technology may not be as advanced as Google Street View but our coverage is we believe the most comprehensive, with every street covered.
Also included is an alphabetic list of street names where you can click directly on each street to see its pictures.
Access the street view plan


The new more comprehensive Latin, Italian and English Glossary (kindly provided by Michael Binns of the University of Durham last month) has now been further enhanced by his addition of about 10% more entries.
This is intended to be a convenient reference list for the use of students of Latin and of Roman life, archaeology, and architecture as well as to explain terms used in relation to Pompeii and on pompeiiinpictures.
The Italian is included, as many sources for our study are of course in Italian, and so the glossary has the plurals of both Latin and Italian terms to ease their distinction. Their English meaning is also given.
Access the Glossary

Roman Personal Names.

An explanation of Roman personal names (also kindly provided by Michael Binns) has been added. This has sections covering men's names, women's names, adoption, slaves, freedmen, other grants of citizenship, praenomina, the tribes, social classes, Patricians and Plebeians, and Public Service Careers under the Empire.
Find out about Roman Personal Names

We are leaving for Pompeii in an hours time, so no more updates for a couple of months.
Perhaps we may see you in Pompeii?

Jackie and Bob at pompeiiinpictures

1 comment:

Sera Baker said...

Hi Jackie and Bob,

I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. I know from experience that creating a photo archive for all Pompeian walls is a large undertaking. Rest assured it is awonderful resource. In my case, I know there is always a reference photograph available when I'm not on site!


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