Tuesday 13 July 2010

Another annoying article ...

From La Repubblica, another annoying article, entitled 'Il museo fantasma di Ercolano inaugurato due volte, mai aperto'. This is similar to the one that appeared in the British press last week, but focuses on Herculaneum. I think the Herculaneum Conservation Project might have something to say about this ... The accompanying photos are mostly years out-of-date, too. And claims that visitor numbers are declining is simply wrong - check out the official figures at the SAP site and on ANSA. Honestly, would it be too hard for journalists to check their facts!!!

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Sarah said...

I can confirm that the Site Director is preparing an official press release on the subject - we're helped comment. Sadly the article seems motivated by the personal issues of Soprintendenza staff.
While the truth is that the museum has never opened - just last week the feasibility study was consigned that was looking at the options for finally getting public access to the collection. Watch this space - Herculaneum still has some surprises up its sleeve:)

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