Tuesday 5 October 2010

Plans in The World of Pompeii

For some time I have been working with plans published in Dobbins and Foss' The World of Pompeii. I'm sure that many of you will be familiar with their background and the knowledge that the plans are some of the most recent, accessible and computer-compatible published in many years.

I'm particularly concerned with the "Map 3, Plan of Pompeii. Regions, insulae, detailed building plans, tombs and street addresses". The scale is listed as 1:1000 and a scale bar is provided. But can anyone tell me if the scale unit is metres or feet? I would appreciate some confirmation, although I'm somewhat sure that scale is in metres (as the size seems more appropriate in metres and because this plan is based on one provided by the SAP, an Italian institution which I imagine will have made use of a metric unit system). But these are just guesses!

Thank you!


Jo Berry said...

I asked Pedar Foss - he said it's definitely metres!

Sera Baker said...

Thank you Jo! I really appreciate your help.

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