Monday 25 October 2010

Plans of Region 8 properties at Pompeii - multi-level/below ground properties


I'm writing in hopes of finding someone who has a bit of information on multi-level plans of Pompeii, in this case Region 8 upon which I am conducting my research into shops. Due to Eschebach's plan of the city being intially based on aerial photographs, upper and lower storeys of properties can be difficult to track down as far as plans are concerned. Most later sources of plans that I have come across present only the ground level plan of a building despite the actual ruins presenting a different picture.

In order to be as accurate and wide-ranging in my research as possible, I'm looking to see if anyone knows of a source of plans for the following properties:

  • 8.2.22,23 - the Gymnasium/Palaestra associated with the Sarno Baths.
  • 8.4.9 - the PPM 8 plan indicates Room {2} - indicating by the brackets another storey.
  • 8.6.1,10,11 & 8.6.8,9 - the bakery complex of which 8.6.1,10,11 are on the upper level to the south and 8.6.8,9 are on the lower storey to the north, but still at street level, due to the natural incline of the insula's geography.
  • 8.7.22 & 8.7.23 - both barrel vaulted properties beneath the peristyle of 8.2.24 which no longer exists today.

I would be grateful for any answers and hints!

Many thanks!


Drew Baker said...

Hi Sera

I dont have plans but I did photograph the 8.7.22 & 8.7.23 areas (4 rooms) this season. Bob and Jackie have some of the images up and I have some more to process. I also took mesurements (rough mesurements) if that helps at all.


Kevin Cole said...

Hi Sera,

For the Sarno Bath Complex, you should see:
Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow, The Sarno Bath Complex (`L'Erma di Bretschneider, Monograph series of the Italian Superintendency, Rome, 1990).

Also, you might want to consult NOACK, F., & LEHMANN-HARTLEBEN, K. (1936). Baugeschichtliche Untersuchungen am Stadtrand von Pompeji. Begonnen von F. Noack. Fortgeführt und veröffentlicht von Karl Lehmann-Hartleben. pl. 56. Berlin & Leipzig, 1936.

for much of VIII.2


Sera Baker said...

Thank you, Drew and Kevin! I love that this forum is open to ask questions of the wider Pompeian research community!

Drew, I would very much appreciate your measurements (even rough ones!) as it looks like I will need to draw up some rough plans based on my photos. Really kind of you! I've been chatting with B&J and they've been great!

Kevin, thank you for the two references. I've been working with AOKO's book, really useful but there isn't as much on VIII.2.22,23 as I'd like. I will have a look at Noack and Lehmann-Hartleben as soon as I can order a copy in. (BTW, sorry I've not had a chance to reply to your kind email via, I'm a little swamped!).

Thank you and further comments/sources very welcome!

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