Wednesday 30 March 2011

“Abbracciamoci Pompeii – Proposte, non proteste”

Some of you may already be aware of the 'Abbracciamoci Pompeii' initiative, but you can read more about it in the following articles that have come out in the Italian press yesterday and today:
To summarise: Sponsored by the comitato “Cincinnato” and the cultural association“Radici”, there will be a conference on 1st April to present a series of proposals designed to save Pompeii from ruin. These are the proposals:
  1. To restore the amphitheatre, so that it can be used as a venue for local social and cultural events;
  2. To start a kind of museum/workshop, where ancient objects will be display but also where objects can be manufactured for sale using ancient techniques and materials;
  3. To involve the local Comune in the administration of the excavations.
Much of this has been put together by a local businessman, but in consultation with some local archaeologists. At the moment the initiative has a lot of momentum, although it's not clear to me whether the people at the SANP have been involved at all (does anyone know?). There will be a live event on 7th May, transmitted on the internet, in which people around the world will participate to show their support for Pompeii.

I admit to not really knowing very much about all this, so can anyone provide any more details? I think this would be a good topic for discussion, too. Does anyone have any views about it that they would like to share?

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