Wednesday 14 March 2012

More information on Pompeian northern suburbium's preliminary plan

Just a quick update on the preliminary plan for Pompeii's northern suburbium presented by the Mayor of Pompeii Claudio D'Alessio two days ago in New York.
I'm temporarily hosting the files of the panels, the leaflet, and the booklet of "Pompei rivive" on the Apolline Project's website, at the following web address, while the town creates the official website of the project.
Please feel free to download the files and distribute them (and yes, they are in English too). Soon a short video will be uploaded on youtube, I'll keep you posted. Please consider that the plan is still in a preliminary stage, these files are shared in the hope to receive some feedback on how to improve the project.

For the people who might be concerned that this project could drain resources from the restoration of the ancient city, I would like to stress that - unfortunately or luckily - the administration of modern Pompeii cannot interact with the administration of the ancient city, for which only the Ministry of Culture, through the Superintendency, is responsible. Hopefully the restoration of the villae in the countryside will stimulate more restoration in the city too.

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