Sunday 4 March 2012

News article: André Villas-Boas contemplates a Chelsea ruin in the shadow of Pompeii

Not strictly blog material, but the analogy made me chuckle ...

In The Guardian:
André Villas-Boas contemplates a Chelsea ruin in the shadow of Pompeii
Decision to leave Frank Lampard on the bench left Chelsea on shaky foundations with little to build on in the second leg

André Villas-Boas gives instructions to Daniel Sturridge during Chelsea's 3-1 Champions League defeat at Napoli. Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

If Vesuvius had erupted during the match and sent its molten lava rolling down the hillside to engulf the old San Paolo stadium, the archaeologists of a future generation might have unearthed the remains of a youngish man, charred scraps of a rather fussy belted raincoat clinging to a corpse frozen for all time in a strangely contorted position, perhaps crouched down on its haunches, its hands fashioning an urgent gesticulation.

The historians would have noted the anguish on the man's features and assumed it to be the result of the shock and pain caused by the lava flood, like the victims in nearby Pompeii almost 2,000 years ago. They would be wrong. André Villas-Boas's pain was all caused by his football team, or rather his difficulty in making his players function according to his blueprint.
Read the rest of the article here (which is just about the football).

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Rick Jones said...

And now Mr. Villas-Boas has perished in the aftershocks!

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