Tuesday 4 September 2012

Question about sacred spaces at Pompeii

Phyllis Henderson just posted a question on BP's Facebook page. I repost it here so that others can see it too:
"Dear Colleagues at Blogging Pompeii,
I am a PhD candidate in architectural history and theory at the University of Florida. My research is centered about the architectural constructions that existed in Pompeii (and surrounding areas) for the purpose of viewing the beautiful landscape. I am currently exploring the manner in which people perceived the natural landscape by examining the mythological, cultural and historical aspects of life in Pompeii.

I am now looking for more specific information about the “sacred grove”, the “sacred portal” and the “sacred mound or mountain” and how these particular sacred natural spaces were used and perceived by the ancient Romans. These places were represented in many mythological landscape paintings, were part of the ancient roman culture and had a significant impact on daily life in terms of ritual and ceremony. I have quite a bit of general information already, but I have not, until now, engaged this forum of experts as my research grows more specific.
I would be quite indebted to anyone with any thoughts or source suggestions pertaining to this topic."

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