Tuesday 6 November 2012

Blog post: A Virtual Model of the Villa dei Papiri

Also from the Getty blog:
A Virtual Model of the Villa dei Papiri
By Mantha Zarmakoupi on October 30, 2012

Still from the virtual-reality model of the ancient Roman villa known as the Villa of the Papyri for the many papyri scrolls unearthed there. A grand peristyle garden (porticoed garden) extends at left.
The exhibition Inside Out: Pompeian Interiors Exposed at the Italian Cultural Institute includes a virtual-reality model of the Villa dei Papiri (Villa of the Papyri) in Herculaneum that I recently developed at UCLA’s Experiential Technologies Center with support from the Friends of Herculaneum Society. The model presents a digital walkthrough of the grand ancient villa, which was located by the sea and decorated throughout with mosaics and frescoes. Named after the collection of papyrus scrolls found on its premises, the Villa dei Papiri is famous for inspiring the design for the Getty Villa, though the Getty Villa’s groundplan is adapted to its narrow canyon site.
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