Monday 19 November 2012

Latest JRA out now

JRA25 (2012) has  just been published (2 volumes), with a bunch of Pompeii-related material:

In Fascicule 1:

L. de Ligt and P. Garnsey, The Album of Herculaneum and a model of the town’s demography.

E. E. Poehler, The drainage system at Pompeii: mechanisms, operation and design.

In Fascicule 2:

N. Monteix, De Waldstein à Wallace-Hadrill, fouiller Herculanum? (Review of A. Wallace-Hadrill, Herculaneum, past and future)

S. Craver, Some art, industry and infrastructure (Review of E. Poehler, M. Flohr and K. Cole (edd.), Pompeii. Art, industry and infrastructure)

E.P. Baltes, The aesthetics of replication: Large Herculaneum Woman Statues in Context (Review of J. Trimble, Women and visual replication in Roman imperial art and culture)

S. Craver, A panoply of archeo-sciences from the Vesuvian area and beyond (Review of A. Coralini (ed.), Vesuviana. Archeologie a confronto)

A. Wallace-Hadrill, Giuseppe Fiorelli and a different type of statue (Review of E. Dwyer, Pompeii’s living statues: ancient Roman lives stolen from death)

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