Thursday 2 July 2015

After Pompeii – where does the study of the Roman city go in the 21st century? CALL FOR PAPERS EAUH Conference 2016 Helsinki

After Pompeii – where does the study of the  Roman city go in the 21st century?  CALL FOR  PAPERS EAUH Conference 2016 Helsinki

The study of urban space in Pompeii has been pursued within Archaeology for more than 20 years – some outside this discipline have looked with envy as the study of space has moved forward.  After two decades, it is part of the accepted practice of how the site is studied.  However, there is a need for some critique – has all the measurement of every variation of its fabric: ramps to park carts, wheel-ruts to determine traffic-flow, space syntax applications and so on actually produced a better understanding of space and society?

The use of theory is still an area that is contested. A UK national overview of research in Classics concluded that: ‘In studies of phenomena such as urbanism, the use of space, public and domestic, and the Roman economy, the borderlines between archaeology and history are being tested. The development of new theoretical lines of enquiry, used with caution, offers benefits, although some were uncertain as to the applicability of theory to evidence; the use of theory is still a work in progress.’

This session wishes to look back with a critical glance-over-the-shoulder at how the study of space developed in Pompeii, but then seeks to move forward and look to the future of how the Roman city should be studied in this century to address the following themes for discussion:-

1)The application of new theoretical lines of enquiry and their benefits; 2)The use of evidence and the use of theory; 3)Measuring the urban environment and the relationship of these measurements to social phenomena; 4)Haptic or sensory approaches to space; 5)What does the study of Pompeii to date provide for the wider study of urban history?

The papers will form a session within the European Association of Urban Historians Conference 2016 in Helsinki.  All offers of papers need to be submitted within the framework of the conference as set out by the organisers below:-

CALL FOR PAPERS – EAUH 2016 / Deadline: October 31, 2015

We are pleased to announce you that the Call for Papers for the 13th International Conference on Urban History “Reinterpreting Cities” is now open. The conference will take place from 24th to 27th August 2016 in Helsinki.

The deadline for paper proposals is October 31, 2015. To submit a paper proposal, scholars will need to create a user account on the conference management system

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