Tuesday 28 July 2015

OpenPompei and Open Data

It seems that we have not mentioned the group OpenPompei on BloggingPompeii before. So since I recently penned a guest blog post for them, its seemed a good time to note their web presence. Recently, they held an interesting event called the SCRIPTORIUM at Pompeii, and I've heard that a second such event with an eye to foreign contributions might be in the works. If you believe in Open Data or believe that the world of Pompeian archaeology could believe in it just a little more, then OpenPompei might be group to help make that happen.

Late last week, while still on site with the Porta Stabia team, it occurred to me that there might a unique opportunity to jump start any OA access at Pompeii because of the incredible volume of work being done for the Grande Progetto Pompei. That is, if one could insert the archaeological community into the process of data ingestion from the GPP, vast amounts of descriptive data might be made available rather than locked away. The practical people reading this will nudge me and know that I am dreaming. Yet idealism compels me to remember Margaret Mead, and to keep dreaming. 

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