Tuesday 14 April 2009

Conference: Science at the Archaeology/Art Interface

Blog readers in New York may be interested in this event:

Science at the Archaeology/Art Interface: Third Science and Art Symposium
Pratt Institute
20-21 April 2009

The Vesuvian link lies in two presentations of recent work at Herculaneum:

The Herculaneum Conservation Project, a large scale multidisciplinary approach for the preservation of the ancient Roman city.
Alessandra De Vita, Archeological conservator, Coordinator of Scientific Research, the Herculaneum Conservation Project, Italy

Results on an NMR and XRF study of the Mosaic at the house of Neptune and Amphitrite at Herculaneum. A collaborative project between Pratt, RWTH, University of Aachen, and the Herculaneum Conservation Project.
Eleonora Del Federico Associate Professor of Chemistry, Pratt Institute Department of Math and Science, and Carola Garcia Manzano, MS student in Archeology, Hunter College

For more details or to sign up email edelfede[at]pratt.edu
(or I can send round the poster and programme: s.court[at]herculaneum.org)

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