Tuesday 7 April 2009

Le Pitture Pompeiane

On the 29th April 2009 the galleries of paintings at the Naples Museum will finally re-open to the public. Many paintings have undergone restoration, and the entire collection has been reorganised so that many paintings will be grouped according to their provenance. This is the new arrangement:

Sala LXVI, La tecnica, collects together all the painting that help us to understand how wall decorations were made.
Sala LXVII, La villa di Boscoreale; 71 fragments were removed from this villa when it was excavated. Many will now be displayed (although others, of course, were dispersed to other museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York and elsewhere).
Sala LXVIII, La scoperta delle pitture, displays the oldest paintings excavated from Herculaneum and Pompeii. Many are illustrated in the Antichità di Ercolano esposte; many are unprovenanced. The collection includes paintings from the Basilica and so-called Palaestra of Herculaneum and the House of the Stags, and the Villa of Cicero at Pompeii.
Sala LXIX, La pittura nel I secolo a. C.), most of the Second Style paintings will be here.
Sala LXX, La pittura in età augustea: La villa di Agrippa Postumo. La pittura nella prima età imperiale: La Casa di Giasone. Third style paintings with famous mythological panels. I didn't know before the the Villa of Agrippa Postumus had been reburied by the eruption of Vesuvius in 1906!
Sala LXXI, La pittura nella prima età imperiale. I temi dei quadri e gli elementi decorativi. More Third Style and mythological paintings.
Sala LXXII, La pittura in età imperiale: due case di prestigio. La Casa di Meleagro, La Casa dei Dioscuri. Fourth Style paintings from two famous houses.
Sala LXXIII, La pittura in età imperiale: i temi mitologici. Fourth Style mythological paintings, with the emphasis on narrative rather than heroism.
Sala LXXIV, Nature morte e paesaggi
Sala LXXXV, Pitture di larari
Sala LXXVII, Stabiae – La Villa di Campo Varano.
Otherwise known as the Villa of Ariadne!
Sala LXXVIII, I ritratti – La pittura popolare. Portraits, shop signs, the Julia Felix forum scenes, bar scenes, and the like.

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