Thursday 2 April 2009

Roman Archaeology Conference

I am flying out today to Ann Arbor, MI for the Roman Archaeology Conference where I am co-chairing a session and giving a paper.

As you will notice there are no Pompeii-specific sessions at the conference, but there are many papers which touch on material from the Vesuvian region. Almost all the papers in my session address at least a couple of Pompeian houses.

If you are planning on being at the conference, please let me know!


Steven Ellis said...

Hi Francesca,

Looking forward to seeing you in AA, along with a good number of others from the blogging pompeii list. It's great to be back in Michigan for a few days!


Francesca Tronchin said...

Hi Steven!

Glad I got to meet you, but sorry I didn't get a chance to hear your paper. It's especially distressing for me since I was under the impression that Pes Dexter was an old 1930's Blues Man.

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