Thursday 26 November 2009

A Day in Pompeii at Te Papa - Flickr Group

The Te Papa museum - which is about to host the 'A Day in Pompeii' exhibition - is asking people to upload their photos and memories of Pompeii to Flickr:

Have you visited Pompeii and taken photos of what you saw and experienced?

Submit your snaps to our group to see the way Pompeii has changed from 79 AD to the present day. We don’t just want to see your photos – we also want to hear stories about your adventures in the ancient Roman city. Share your memories with people who have been there or would love to go either in the description of your photo or in the discussion section. While you’re at it, compare your experiences with others’ and see how the exhibition 'A Day in Pompeii' represents the place and people.

This is the URL:

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