Tuesday 3 November 2009

Cronache Ercolanesi

A quick query prompted by Sarah's post below!

Has anyone seen the most recent edition (Oct. 2009) of Cronache Ercolanesi?

When I met Maria Paola Guidobaldi last June, she mentioned there would be a publication of some of the most recent Villa dei Papiri finds in this volume. I can't seem to find a table of contents on the web. I also wonder if her article in the new Vesuviana journal is indeed the same material as was supposed to be published in CE.

If anyone has any information about this, please drop a note in the comments here.

Thanks much/Grazie mille.


Jo Berry said...

You could try emailing the publisher for info: http://www.macchiarolieditore.it/

Sarah said...

From what I've heard from Maria Paola herself, Cronache Ercolanesi is traditionally late to press... Meanwhile Vesuviana might actually come out beforehand. The difference in the two articles is the depth and scope - I've understood that CE is only covering the hard-core Villa archaeology, while Vesuviana also looks at the bits of the main city that happen to lie in the Villa trench. Hope that helps!

(I'm on site with Maria Paola today, so I can double check publciation dates if I remember)

Sarah said...

Word on the street in Ercolano is that both journals are due out very soon - but haven't quite made it yet...

Francesca Tronchin said...

Thanks so much, Sarah, for looking into that!

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