Thursday 23 December 2010

iPhone app: Pompeian wall-paintings

Thanks to Francesco De Martino for posting to Blogging Pompeii's Facebook page a link to the following iPhone app:
Wall paintings in Pompeii
With this work we wanted to know the beauty of the murals of Pompeii no longer visible as before, but fortunately reproduced in a beautiful and rare book of large format after the discovery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The twenty plates, masterfully carved by Vincenzo Loria (1850 - 1939), reproduced with absolute fidelity to the original colors as they showed at the time of discovery. In its notice to readers, Giulio de Petra writes: "The execution entrusted to the establishment Richter & C. ° is the most accurate and most beautiful that could be desired. The colors are not the spoiled from the air, sun and rain, but they make a warm and bright, shining on the walls of Pompeii, just refurbished light ...". It is assumed that the splendid volume was produced in about 100 copies.

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