Friday 10 December 2010

Measuring the capacity

There have been questions about measuring the capacity of vessels in some earlier posts . I came across these publications in a recent Finnish article on subject (Jani Oravisjärvi: "Pohdintaa astioiden tilavuuden määrittämisessä", Fossa 1 / 2010) and thought that they might be of help and interest.

* The world is in your eyes: CAA 2005: Computer applications and quantitative methods in archaeology: proceedings of the 33rd conference, Tomar, March 2005 / edited by Alexandra Figueiredo and Gonçalo Velho. Publication Tomar : CAA Portugal, 2007.

* A. MAZAR: Excavations at Tel Beth-Shean 1989–1996, Volume I --> Appendix 2A: A. Karasik and U. Smilansky: Computation of the Capacity of Pottery Vessels Based on Drawn Profiles , see:

* Mara, H., Sablatnig, R., Karasik, A. & Smilansky, U. 2004. “The uniformity of wheel-produced pottery deduced from 3D image processing and scanning”, in W. Burger & J. Scharinger (eds.), Digital Imaging in Media and Education: Proceedings of the 28th Workshop of the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (June 17-18, 2004), Hagenberg: OAGM/AARP: 197-204.

* Karasik, A., Bitton, L., Gilboa, A., Sharon, I. & Smilansky U. in press. “Quantitative measures of the uniformity of ceramics”, in F. Niccolucci & S. Hermon (eds.), Beyond the Artifact: Digital Interpretation of the Past (CAA 2004, Proceedings of the 32nd Conference, Prato, Italy, 13-17 April 2004), Budapest: Archeolingua.
See also article & bibliography in:

* Louise M. Senior, Dunbar P. Birnie: Accurately Estimating. Vessel Volume from Profile Illustrations”, American. Antiquity 60, 2 (1995), 324-330

* Michael E. Whalen: Ceramic Vessel Size Estimation from Sherds: An Experiment and a Case Study, Journal of Field Archaeology, Vol. 25, No. 2 (Summer, 1998), pp. 219-227

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Sera Baker said...

Thank you for this, Laura. These sources do look interesting! I've forwarded this post by email to Sally Grainger in case she doesn't see it right away on here!


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