Thursday 2 December 2010

The latest two collapses- Before and After

The latest two collapses are at IX.5.14/16 The House of the Restaurant (The collapse referred to as the Casa dei Lupanare piccolo), and the wall between the shops at VII.2.1/2.

Here are some photographs comparing the before and after states of the two locations.

Any wall that collapses is a tragic loss, whether it belongs to a rich or poor house or shop, whether it is painted and has a fresco on it or not.

To our untrained eyes, in both cases, fortunately, it looks as if it is the relatively modern restoration or additions that have collapsed, leaving the original base of the walls still standing.

Jackie and Bob

VII.2.1 Collapse December 2010.

VII.2.1 in May 2005.

IX.5.14/16 Collapse December 2010

IX.5.14/16 in May 2005.

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