Saturday 1 January 2011

AIA Annual Meeting, San Antonio

Happy New Year to everyone!

The AIA in San Antonio is almost upon us! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with fellow BP contributors in Los Angeles last year, so I'd like to propose that we do it again!

There are lots of Pompeii-related papers over the three days of the conference (see here for the schedule), with the main Pompeii session on Saturday 8th January at 12.30pm - 2.30pm. I'd like to suggest that anyone who enjoys talking Pompeii over a beer or two meet me in the conference hotel bar on Saturday after the final sessions of the day (so 5.15pm-ish). Who's up for it?


Rob Brown said...

Count me in Jo. Can't wait to catch up people I know and those I haven't met yet. Sounds like fun.

Massimo Betello said...

I will be there. Just like last year.

Eric Poehler said...

I will see you there!

Steven Ellis said...

You know my answer...! I'm Chair for the session so can make a quick announcement/reminder there as well.

Jennifer Stephens said...

Thanks Jo, Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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