Tuesday 25 January 2011

Question: House of Vedius Siricus

Does anyone have an image of the wall-painting depicting the construction of Troy from the House of Vedius Siricus (this is the same house that had a painting of Wounded Aeneas, now in the Naples Museum)?
Thank you!


Jo Berry said...

My thanks to Jocelyn Penny Small for this response via email:

'You asked on Blogging Pompeii for a photograph of the panel with the
construction of the walls of Pompeii from the House of Vedius Siricus (VII 1, 25 & 47).

Schefold mentions it in Die Wande Pompejis, p. 164 on the west wall of the exedra. He refers to Helbig 1266; HBr pl. 193; and also to S. Reinach, Repertoire de Peintures grecques et romaines, p. 28 No. 4. The latter I own and it has a decent drawing, albeit not a photograph, plus some more references on p. 29.

Offhand it doesn't seem to be in the LIMC. That is, I merely looked in its index and didn't try for a more thorough search.

AND the construction of the walls has some resemblance to the Roman relief of a "Roman construction site at the port of Terracina" possibly with Agrippa. Again another line drawing and the caption I quoted are from Mark
Wilson Jones, Principles of Roman Architecture, 28 fig. 1.14.

I hope that this is of some help.

Jocelyn Penny Small'

Jo Berry said...

My thanks to Francis Brenders for his email:

'The painting you ask for is also mentioned in the recent work of Katharina Lorenz, Bilder machen Räume, p. 577. There you can find references to pictures. The most important seem to be Pitture e Pavimenti di Pompei, Vol. III, p. 34 and Pompei, Pitture e mosaici, vol. VI, pp. 294 ff. plate 117 ff.'

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