Monday 31 January 2011

Street fountain model!

Anyone got a birthday coming up? Fancy one of these?

Faithful and accurate Reconstruction of an Ancient Roman Town Street Fountain with 7 different original Ancient Roman Fountain Sculpted Heads and 2 different sets of Stone Textures. [Pompeii Type] [Block 2.2]
In the Package you will find:
A- 1 typical Roman Town Street Fountain [Pompeii Type] [1]
B- 7 typical Roman Town Fountain Sculpted Heads to build up to 7 different Roman Fountains [2]
C- 2 different Sets of Stone Textures [GrayLight, GrayDark] [3]
D- 9 Hi-DEF Photoreal textures [2048x1430, 1554x2048, 1100x1100, 812x812, 512x512] [4]
E- 2 Hi-DEF textures Templates for weathering and to customize the models [5]
F- Formats available: Cinema4D, 3DS, OBJ, VUE.
All the Models are prepared Low-Polygon, Hi-DEF and Photoreal, perfect for any type of Rendering and specially for Medium and Long-Shot Range!
The Quality of Model and Textures make the model useful also for many types of close-up renderings.
Models Polygons and Vertices [VUE and 3DS] for C4D and OBJ Polygons are [ca /2]:
Roman Town Fountain Bld-02.002 without Head [13414;9401]
Roman Town Fountain Bld-02.002 with Head [58414;32394]
Fountain Head 1 [3450;2437]
Fountain Head 2 [4494;3111]
Fountain Head 3 [22514;12888]
Fountain Head 4 [22514;12468]
Fountain Head 5 [22514;12249]
Fountain Head 6 [47514;24876]
Fountain Head 7 [2550;1971]
These models are useful for many types of sceneries, ancient sceneries but also modern ones, as for Roman re-enactment.
The Archaeo.Sys 3D series is developing high-fidelity 3D reconstruction of Objects, Architecture and Scenes from Classical Greek and Roman Antiquity.

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Drew Baker said...

That's a huge amount of poly's for a relatively small item (small does not equate to unimportant however), I wonder what market they are aiming at, static as opposed to real-time I am guessing. I would like to see their paradata on them too, but that’s just me speaking as a 3D Digital Cultural Heritage practitioner


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