Friday 22 May 2009

Event: Herculaneum's young cultural ambassadors

Next Tuesday there will be an award ceremony for 100 new cultural ambassadors for Herculaneum - all under 14 years old.
100 pupils from 5 schools, together with 10 of their teachers, will be given a certificate by the Mayor in recognition of their participation in a programme aimed at greater understanding of Herculaneum's archaeology and increased awareness of the importance of protecting it.
During recent site visits the children pointed out damage to the archaeology caused by visitors - and it is hoped that their increased sensitivity will impact on their future behaviour and their care for their heritage.
The children were selected from a variety of classes, so that on their return to their own class they could share their new enthusiasm with their peers, thereby increasing the impact of the programme.
In addition, some site visits have been possible where the children bring a relative - it is hoped that these small ambassadors are a way to bring local families into closer contact with their archaeological site.
This schools work is one of various initiatives being organised by the International Centre for the Study of Herculaneum which aims to become "a point of reference for the inclusion of the local and international communities in conserving Herculaneum’s past, by developing partnerships, facilitating physical and intellectual access to the historic environment, and by stimulating responses to Herculaneum’s archaeological and cultural heritage."

Event: ceremony for Herculaneum's young ambassadors
Date: Tuesday 26 May 2009
Time: 11am
Where: Villa Campolieto, Corso Resina 283, Ercolano

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