Tuesday 12 May 2009

Sale of the libraries of Prof. J.A.K.E. de Waele and Prof. F.L. Bastet

Thanks to Gene Dwyer for sending this notice to me.

The libraries of Prof. J.A.K.E. de Waele and F.L. Bastet about to be auctioned by a Dutch bookseller on May 19th and 20th. I wonder why they haven't gone to a library ... Here are the auction details:

  • The catalogue contains the important library of Prof. dr. J.A.K.E. de Waele (1938-2001). This library can best be described as a gateway to life in Classical Antiquity; the vast majority of the books dealing with archaeology (i.a. Pompeii).
  • The library of Prof. dr. F.L. Bastet (1926-2008), consisting of books on Classical Antiquity, Literature and the Arts.
  • Arabic manuscripts from the collection of Prof. dr. P.S. van Koningsveld.
  • Part VI of the Stock and Reference Works of Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarium (formerly of E.J. Brill).
  • A fine collection of books on (applied) art, books on books, bibliophile editions comprising of a nearly complete collection of publications by Stichting De Roos (incl. Escher 'Regelmatige vlakverdeling'), a large collection of signed bibliophile bindings presented to members of the Dutch nobility, as well as other libraries and collections.

If you are interested, visit the website:http://www.b-n.nl/new_index.php?lang=eng&page=auction&sub=start

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Eugene Dwyer said...

The late Professor de Waele's interests in Vitruvius and in Pompeii have been memorialized in the volume, OMNI PEDE STARE: Saggi architettonici e circumvesuviani in memoriam Jos de Waele (Studi della soprintendenza archeologica di Pompei, 9), ed. Stephan T. A. M. Mols e Eric Moormann (Napoli: Electa, 2005)

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