Sunday 31 May 2009

Vico Equense, scoperte nella necropoli le statue di due sposi

A report from Metropolis.web about new finds during the excavations at Vico Equense.

Two funerary statues dating to the 1st c. BC were found during excavations on Via Nicoterra. The excavations, directed by Tommasina Budetta, began in 2006 - 7, and have uncovered a terraced necropolis. In one part there are inhumations dating to between the 3rd and 1st century BC; in other parts cremations (deposited in jars or wooden boxes). A columella type tomb has also been found, next to an ustrinum. The two statues were found alongside an ancient road. “Questa recente scoperta è particolarmente rilevante – dichiara l’archeologa Budetta – in quanto documenta la continuità dell’insediamento dall’età arcaica a quella romana. Infatti, poco distante furono rinvenute tombe del VI sec. a.C., i cui reperti sono oggi esposti nel locale Antiquarium inaugurato nel 2001 dalla SANP.”
Finds from the tombs have been taken to the local Antiquarium. I was in Vico just yesterday, and my husband and I were lamenting the fact that we never get time to visit the Antiquarium ...
More details about the finds are available from the link above.

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