Saturday 9 May 2009

Journal: Automata - nature, science and technologies in the ancient world

The publishers L'Erma di Bretschneider have a relatively new journal (first edition was in 2006) Automata which aims to cover issues of nature, science and technology in the ancient world.

The first three volumes include the following articles:

M. & R. J. Henneberg, Human Skeletal Material from Pompeii: A Unique Source of Information about Ancient Life
P. Baraldi et al., Vibrational Spectra of Some Pigments from Pompeii
E. De Carolis - F. Esposito - D. Ferrara, Un contributo sulla tecnica di esecuzione degli affreschi della Villa dei Papiri di Ercolano

There is a special offer on at the moment, where if you subscribe to volume 3, you get volumes 1 and 2 for free. For more information see the website.

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