Thursday 2 September 2010

Back to blogging

Well, I have survived the school holidays (just!), so now it is back to work. I know that lots of you have been working in Pompeii and the other sites over the summer. Is anyone interested in posting a brief report about their work? Photos?

I'd also like to remind you all to update your Blogger profiles with your research interests, and also to add your details to the Directory of Projects and Research Interests (link to right). Let's keep building our community and helping each other.

If anyone has published anything this year that I haven't noticed (sorry!), please post the details or - if you are too modest to do that - send them to me to post. The same applies to discussions. I will happily start a discussion on a topic if you let me know what you want to talk about! And remember, you don't have to post in English - Italian, French, German are all OK.

Finally, email me if there is anything else that you would like to see on Blogging Pompeii, if you have any suggestions about the development of the blog, or if there is a review or interview you would like to contribute.

Thank you!

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Drew Baker said...

Not a report as such but I will be in Pompeii September 18th - October 9th to assess the "enhancements" made to the large theatre. If anyone is onsite and wants to hook up at some point(or indeed wants accomodation during that period as I have space currently)let me know.


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