Wednesday 29 September 2010

Collapse in the House of Julius Polybius

Another damning story in the Corriere del Mezzogiorno about a collapse in the House of Julius Polybius (although they don't seem to know that a new Superintendent has been appointed!). The Uil (can any explain to me what organisation this is) are responsible for the majority of stories criticising the authorities at the Soprintendenza. There's clearly a political agenda here. Is anyone out in Pompeii at the moment able to check on the damage in this house?


Sarah said...

Uil = Unione Italiana del Lavoro, one of the union's most present in Pompeii.
Many of these stories can be read in the wider context of the struggle between the superintendency and the union for "control" of the site.

Drew Baker said...

Hi Jo

I will try and get photo's before I leave next week


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