Thursday 23 September 2010

Blogging Pompeii redesigned!

I hope everyone is admiring Blogging Pompeii's new look! The site has been redesigned courtesy of Derek Littlewood of Eggbox Interactive. Derek offers design and development services for websites, games and interactive applications, and has a particular interest in using IT to make historical and archaeological research more accessible. I think he's done a great job in improving the layout, colour scheme and general clarity of Blogging Pompeii, and I recommend his services to any of you who need a helping hand in developing applications you can use in presenting your research. Anyone who is interested in hiring Derek should contact him directly at

If anyone notices any glitches or problems with the newly designed Blogging Pompeii, please email me so they can be fixed! (Remember to state which operating system, browser and browser version you use, such as Windows XP or Internet Explorer 7.)

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