Saturday 4 September 2010

Exhibition: Pompeii, Secrets of the Buried City

Way back in June I posted some brief snippets of information about a new exhibition of Pompeian material in Moscow. We now have more information - and photos - thanks to Nancy Steisslinger, who follows Blogging Pompeii on Facebook. She left the following comment and a link to her photos on FB:

'I want to say that I enjoy reading this blog although I am not an archaeologist. I learned here about the Pompeii exhibit in Moscow shortly before going there on business, for which I'm very grateful because otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. I read that people were curious about what would be exhibited there. Well, I'm still working on my photos but I shot everything in the exhibit. You can see what I've finished so far at choose the Russia - Moscow July 2010 collection and then the Moscow 7/11/10 - Pompeii Exhibit set.'

Thanks, Nancy! The photos are great. The material mostly consists of wall-paintings, with a few statues and other ornamental objects, from Pompeii and Herculaneum. It's nice to see some less well-known paintings on display. 

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